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24+ Years of Your Trust and Recommendation

We are a team of professionals working together to provide you with the right knowledge for careers and colleges. Education is the most important part of an individual’s life and at Dream Ahead, we help them achieve their milestones towards a bright and successful future. We guide students using the most effective counselling techniques and also help students in deciding on the right choices by administering various career assessment tests as and when needed.
At Dream Ahead, we understand that learning is a process that never stops, so we want to ensure that you can identify what you hope to achieve, and learn how to attain it. We conduct stream selector tests, as well as psychometric assessments to help students understand their strengths and improvement areas and identify suitable career options in case of confusion.
“The Dream Ahead team acknowledges that no one is exactly the same. We tailor our services according to the individual to make sure that your educational and professional needs are met.” says Ms. Preetika. “We don’t build hopes, we build futures.”

"Dream Ahead is an initiative which is a result of my passion and years of experience."

Preetika Sharma

Preetika Sharma

An accomplished counselor can be hard to find, and with Ms. Preetika Sharma you don’t need to look any further. With a B.Sc. in Medical and M.A. in English, Ms. Sharma is familiar with a variety of academic subjects, and this first-hand experience assists with her counselling work. She is a globally certified career counselor from University of California, Los Angeles and Univariety, and has also has participated in IDC New Delhi’s Career Counseling certification program. Her passion and drive to help students navigate the world of careers is reflected in her qualifications. Passionate about high school education, she is a skilled advisor who excels in providing positive direction to students, and this passion is displayed in her 24 years of educational experience. It is Ms. Sharma’s belief that high school is the perfect time to get started on building your potential, with the ultimate goal of ending up in the ideal career for YOU. She feels that the career which is right for you will be the one that encapsulates your full potential. In order to do so, Ms. Sharma conducts group sessions and workshops to equip students with professional presentations, allied material and detailed streamwise and career-wise opportunities. Her knowledge and lengthy experience in the educational field allows her to give students an edge after graduation. “My goal for Dream Ahead is to equip students with all the right tools to be able to confidently navigate the ever-changing world of careers,”says Preetika. “I speak from experience when I say that trying to figure out your educational and professional paths by yourself is a struggle. I hope to be a helping hand so that this generation’s students do not have to face that same struggle.

Madhavi Ratti

Broadening your horizons and expanding your potential is embodied by Ms Madhvi Ratti, a talented and experienced counselor on the Dream Ahead team. With a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts and a Master’s Degree in Economics, Madhvi was right at home with the constantly growing career field of the United States. She found her beginnings with a teaching certification and began her work in elementary education. But much like the youth of today, Madhvi found herself in between options and wondering if she could do more with herself. Luckily, California’s growing computer science industry was just the right place for her. Information Technology, known as IT, continues to flourish as an industry, and has been home for Madhvi for over 15 years. “Dream Ahead is the perfect initiative for me to be able to help students find themselves in the confusing world of colleges and careers. My goal is to ensure that no one finds themselves questioning their potential like I did.” says Madhvi. “Every child deserves to end up in a career that’s right for them in the long run, and that’s what makes a service like Dream Ahead so helpful.”

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