Career Counselling

Career counselling holds great importance in choosing the right career path and building a lucrative career in today’s competitive job market. Dream Ahead offers dependable career counselling services to help students get ahead in their career graphs. It can be quite daunting for students to choose a major and career path due to the variety of courses given by universities and schools, and students are left unsure of what to do next as a result. As a result, Dream Ahead administers tests to help students, parents, and teachers select the best career for them based on their aptitude, intelligence, potential, and talent. It significantly increases students’ chances of finding career success by assisting them in realizing their true potential and selecting a career path that fits their personalities.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments are a valuable tool to reveal the problem-solving aptitude, analytical abilities, and data interpretation skills of a student. Dream Ahead’s Psychometric Evaluation includes Personality Assessment, Cognitive Ability Assessment, and Assessment of Interest to prove a rounded view of the students. Moreover, Psychometric Assessments help avoid any mistakes with stream and career selection. Dream Ahead offers a variety of test options for students at various grade levels, including the Stream Selector test for students in grades 8, 9, and 10, the Ideal Career Test for students in high school (grades 11 and 12), and the Career Assessment test for recent graduates and working professionals.

Profile Building Programs

Profile Building aims to create a comprehensive database or portfolio of student interests, skills, expertise, and achievements. In other words, it works as an extended portrait of the students. Dream Ahead’s Profile Building Programs allow the students and their guardians to get a clear picture of their abilities and potential to help them set the right academic and professional goals. They also offer live and virtual internships, guidance on online certification, voluntary community projects, summer programs and entrepreneur enhancement programs. This helps learners to adapt to new skills that would help them build their profile in the long run.

College/ University Applications

Application is the most critical component of any college or university admission procedure, especially if you want to study in an overseas college or university. Dream Ahead assists the students in producing optimal college/ university applications, highlighting their interests, qualities, and talents. Utilizing their application guidance, students can rightly demonstrate their thoughtfulness and competency in front of the college/ university admission officers.


A good score in IELTS can help the students get admission to most foreign educational institutions, including those in countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, among many others. Therefore, students must focus on getting higher bands in the IELTS test to access lucrative future opportunities in a foreign land. Dream Ahead provides IELTS coaching from expert teachers to help them score better on the test. At Dream Ahead, aspirants can prepare for all four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In addition, IELTS coaching allows the students to enhance their understanding of the modules and apply various strategies for better results.


While Computer-Delivered (CD) IELTS aims to make the entire process faster and hassle-free, it requires thorough practice to master the scoring strategies more in the CD IELTS test. Dream Ahead’s CD IELTS coaching allows the students to prepare for the test. Moreover, Dream Ahead is a one-stop solution for the students to get CD IELTS training from expert faculty members. It covers all four modules and trains the students for higher CD IELTS bands.


PTE aspirants often find it challenging to get access to necessary coaching and guidance. However, the importance of the right PTE coaching is undeniable for an excellent PTE score. Dream Ahead helps the PTE aspirants with proper PTE guidance from expert PTE mentors. In addition, it provides the necessary study materials, mock tests, practice sets, and doubt-solving sessions to help students achieve their targeted scores.


Students must set a target for the SAT score to get admission to their desired courses in selected colleges. In fact, SAT scores are used for admission to more than 4,000 undergraduate programs in the USA. Dream Ahead helps students who wish to seek admission to overseas undergraduate programs with SAT preparation. It assists in all four sections – Reading, Writing & Language, Maths, and Optional Essay – through high-quality study materials and practice


Students can take AP classes and courses if they want to stay ahead in their preparation for college. AP score shows the college authorities that you can handle the academic rigor of college classes and enhances the chances of getting selected. Dream Ahead’s AP classes are the best way for students to boost their GPAs and make them leave a positive impact on the mind of the admission officers.

German Language

If you plan to study in Germany, a good grasp of the German language can open a plethora of new opportunities. Moreover, it can be an added benefit for taking your academic and professional careers to the next level in the country. Dream Ahead has brought a German Language Training program for learners from all levels. At Dream Ahead, expert teachers teach the language from the very base level to make your Geman language skills good enough.

French Language

In today’s era of globalization, learning a new language can be an asset for both the students and the working professionals planning to shift abroad. French is a widely spoken language worldwide, especially in European countries. Dream Ahead French Learning courses are designed for the students and professionals to help them learn the language from the very base. In fact, students get expert guidance on the French language to make them understand the language within a brief period.


Studying abroad can be a very costly venture as the tuition fees of foreign universities is very high, especially for students from third-world countries like India. Dream Ahead connects the students with the right scholarship opportunities to help them achieve their study abroad dreams. Dream Ahead sports prepares the students for the competitive scholarship selection process so that they can secure a study grant for overseas institutions.

Personal Statement

A personal statement serves the purpose of creating the first impression on the selection committee of a particular college or university. It describes your personality, experience, and achievements before the institutions. Dream Ahead guides the students in creating a tremendous Personal Statement that will strengthen their application. An appropriately crafted statement significantly increases the chances of selection into a foreign college or university.

Statement of Purpose/ Cover Letter

Statement of purpose and cover letter are two of the most critical aspects of the admission process. It solidifies your confidence and helps you to get forward with your academic pursuit. Dream Ahead assists students in writing Statement of Purpose and Cover Letters so they can rightly present their skills and achievements before the admission committees of the educational institutions.

Study Visa Guidance & Applications

Getting a study visa for foreign countries can be tedious, especially in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic. So, Dream Ahead offers Study Visa Guidance services to study abroad aspirants. The company helps students with Study Visa Applications and all the paperwork, making the work easier for the students. Moreover, Dream Ahead’s expert team of counselors is well-versed with the Student Visa rules of most study abroad destinations. So, aspirants can rely on them with closed eyes.

School Support (Career Workshops/ One-on-one Sessions/ Annual programs/ University Interactions)

Dream Ahead helps schools and other academic institutions to organize career workshops, one-on-one counselling sessions, annual programs, and university interactions so that the students can get proper exposure to the professional world. Using the School Support services, schools can lead the students to the right career path after completing their schooling.